5 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss While Traveling

5 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss While Traveling

Whether you travel for work or fun, it’s easy to gain unwanted weight the moment you leave home. This may be a common problem, but it can still cause frustration, especially when you’ve worked hard to reach your weight loss goals.

But we have good news. You can maintain your weight loss for good, even when you’re on the road. And the best part? You won’t have to sacrifice any fun in the process.

Dr. Chad Carlton at LoneStar Bariatrics helps people reach their weight loss goals once and for all by offering life-changing solutions. One essential component in Dr. Carlton’s approach involves teaching strategies to set people up for long-term success, including ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while away from home.

If you have a trip on the horizon, Dr. Carlton recommends following these five tips to help you enjoy your time away without coming home with extra pounds as a souvenir.

1. Have a plan

It’s hard to make healthy choices when you end up overly tired, bored, delayed, or hungry — all common occurrences when traveling. Fortunately, you can avoid these common pitfalls by having a plan in place. 

To start, try following a regular eating schedule when on the road. Start with a nutritious breakfast and have healthy snacks on hand. Healthy, shelf-stable, travel-friendly snacks include:

You can even bring small meals with you on trains, planes, or automobiles to ensure you have something tasty and nutritious while on the move that will keep you feeling satisfied and energized. And don’t forget a BPA-free water bottle so you can keep your body properly hydrated.

2. Remember moderation

Who doesn’t love to indulge when they’re out? Don’t worry; you still can! However, whether you treat yourself at home or on vacation, you should always do it in moderation.

To avoid overindulging, use creative strategies to keep calories in check. For example, share a decadent dessert with a travel companion or choose lighter drink options like wine, light beer, or spritzers. 

Remember, keeping weight off doesn’t mean denying yourself; it means watching how much you consume and choosing wisely.

3. Watch your portions

For most people, travel means overeating, especially at restaurants or when surrounded by great companions. But it doesn’t have to. 

Instead, take your time enjoying small portions by eating slowly and savoring the moment — both in the food you’re tasting and the trip itself. And, if you find yourself lingering at the table for long periods, keep your water glass full and remove plates and food to avoid the temptation of overeating.

4. Choose wisely

When you’re home, making healthy choices comes easy. After all, you prepare your own food whenever you want. This can become more of a challenge on the road, but you can stay in the driver’s seat with these easy approaches.

First, if you find yourself in restaurants, don’t be afraid to ask questions about menu items so you can choose the healthiest options. And, when you can, pick lean proteins or fish that were grilled, broiled, or baked. You can also avoid extra calories by opting for low-fat dressings, water instead of sodas, and passing on cheeses and mayo.

Another great way to maintain your weight while traveling is to stay in lodgings with a kitchen or small refrigerator. Whether you have healthy snacks or prepare your own meals, this approach keeps your hunger in check so you can make wise choices when you go out.

5. Stay active

Finally, you should always make physical activity a priority, even if traveling for work or fun. But don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be a chore or make significant demands on your time. 

Instead, look for fun activities that help you enjoy your trip even more, like a swim in the pool, a walk on the beach, or a biking tour around town. Many hotels make it easier than ever to stay active by offering on-site gyms or exercise classes. And, if all else fails, take the stairs whenever possible.

Do you need help reaching your weight loss goals? Our team at LoneStar Bariatrics can help. To learn more about our personalized solutions, contact our location nearest you to schedule a consultation today.

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