Benefits of Magnetic Weight Loss Surgery

Deciding to undergo weight loss surgery is a big step, but these minimally invasive procedures can offer numerous advantages. Plus, new and innovative surgical techniques continue providing even less invasive solutions.

As a talented bariatric surgeon in Frisco, Texas, Dr. Chad Carlton brings the most cutting-edge approaches available to patients at LoneStar Bariatrics. Dr. Carlton specializes in minimally invasive techniques, and his medical studies include an advanced fellowship in bariatric, minimally invasive laparoscopic, and robotic surgery. He also studied robotic surgery with Dr. Erik Wilson, a world leader in the field.

Now, Dr. Carlton brings the newest, less invasive technique to weight loss surgery: Magnetic Surgery®. Here are just a few benefits of this safe and clinically proven approach.

How Magnetic Surgery works

Dr. Carlton always uses minimally invasive techniques when performing bariatric procedures. These approaches use smaller incisions, which get you back on your feet faster, reduce your risk of infection, and help you heal quicker. They also come with less postoperative pain because they cause less trauma to your body. But Magnetic Surgery is even less invasive than these traditional techniques.

During a traditional laparoscopic bariatric surgery, Dr. Carlton usually makes a small abdominal incision just below the center of your rib cage. Then, he inserts a tool to lift your liver out of the way. This enables him to access your stomach so he can perform your weight loss procedure. 

With the Levita® Magnetic Surgical System, Dr. Carlton no longer needs to make this abdominal incision. Instead, he places an external magnet on your skin that controls a magnetic retractor inside your belly. This small magnetic grasper allows Dr. Carlton to easily move your liver out of position without creating an additional incision.

Dr. Carlton can also use Levita Magnetic Surgical System to perform numerous weight loss procedures, from gastric sleeve and gastric bypass to duodenal switch surgery.

The benefits of Magnetic Surgery 

Undergoing Magnetic Surgery offers numerous advantages, including making minimally invasive laparoscopic bariatric surgery even less invasive. 

The abdominal incision made during traditional bariatric procedures often causes postoperative pain and visible scarring. Plus, women can have problems during the healing process because of the incision location in relation to a bra strap. You can avoid these issues by eliminating the abdominal incision completely.

Additional benefits of Magnetic Surgery include:

Magnetic Surgery also comes with high patient satisfaction, with 96% of people saying they would undergo the procedure a second time. And, in most cases, people return to work within five days of having their Magnetic Surgery bariatric procedure.

To learn more about Magnetic Surgery, contact one of our convenient locations in Plano or Waxahachie, Texas, to schedule a consultation today.

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