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Finish Off Your Weight-Loss Journey With Nonsurgical Skin-Tightening from BodyTite™

If reaching your ideal weight hasn’t helped you attain your ideal body, BodyTite can help you finish your weight-loss journey

From the moment you decided you wanted a healthier, fitter body, you put all your energy and enthusiasm into making nutritious dietary choices and keeping yourself active most days of the week. You worked hard and remained dedicated, tirelessly navigating the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks, until you reached your weight-loss goals. Congratulations!

Even though you may feel stronger, fitter, and healthier by the end your weight-loss journey, you may also find yourself wishing your new body was a bit more reflective of your effort. 

If reaching your ideal weight hasn’t helped you attain your ideal body, we can help. Here’s how BodyTite, the groundbreaking, nonsurgical skin tightening and body contouring treatment by InMode, can help you finish your weight-loss journey and get the smooth, sculpted body shape you’ve always wanted. 

Reveal your best body

BodyTite is a minimally invasive, fully customizable skin tightening and body contouring system designed to improve skin laxity, while simultaneously targeting persistent fat or those stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise.  

Using advanced radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL), BodyTite delivers controlled, uniform waves of heat energy across the surface of your skin, through each dermal layer, and into the subcutaneous fat cells that make up your problem areas. These targeted energy waves cause a deep thermal reaction that triggers collagen renewal as it liquifies unwanted fat cells.

Whether you’d like to address loose, saggy skin and stubborn fat on your abdomen, chest, back, sides, hips, thighs, or upper arms, BodyTite can help you achieve tighter, smoother skin and a more sculpted body shape in a single streamlined treatment. 

Quick, easy, and painless

BodyTite is an easy, minimally invasive in-office procedure that requires nothing more than an oral sedative and a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable from start to finish.

The oral sedative ensures you won’t feel any pain when Dr. Carlton makes a small incision in the targeted treatment area. Because the incision is small, it doesn’t require stitches and won’t cause any discernible scarring. He also uses a local anesthetic to ensure you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure itself. 

The BodyTite device looks much like a sleek, V-shaped probe, where one side of the V is wider than the other. The wider side of the device, which is called the electrode, sits on the surface of your skin; the thinner side of the probe, or cannula, is inserted through the incision and rests just beneath the surface of your skin. 

When Dr. Carlton gently moves the device through the treatment area in a continuous motion, thermal energy flows between the internal cannula and the external electrode. 

The internal energy generated by the cannula liquifies nearby fat cells and triggers the collagen remodeling process, while the external energy generated by the electrode stimulates surface collagen renewal and elastin contraction.

This highly targeted energy exchange is closely monitored by sophisticated computer software to ensure optimal safety and the best possible results; continuous temperature readings help Dr. Carlton ensure that your skin and fat tissues are brought to the correct temperature for the right amount of time. 

Minimal downtime, lasting results 

Like surgical liposuction, BodyTite provides stellar skin tightening and body shaping results that last. Unlike traditional liposuction, nonsurgical BodyTite doesn’t require extensive recovery or a long period of downtime — minimal swelling and bruising means you can expect to be back in your normal routine in less than a week. 

As soon as any minor swelling subsides, you can expect to see noticeably tighter skin and a more contoured body in the treated areas. 

In the weeks and months following your BodyTite treatment, you can expect your skin to look increasingly tighter, smoother, and more radiant — and your body to look increasingly slimmer and more sculpted — as the fat flushing and collagen remodeling processes continue to unfold. 

Although most people experience optimal results three to six months after their BodyTite treatment, your skin tightening and body shaping results may continue to improve for up to a year.  

To find out what BodyTite can do for you, call our Frisco, Texas, office today, or click online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Carlton any time. 

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