Surviving the Holidays After Bariatric Surgery

Most of us associate the holidays with parties, treats, and delicious feasts. Unfortunately, that can make the season a minefield for someone who has undergone bariatric surgery. Fortunately, with a little planning, you can still enjoy this time of year without impacting your weight.

Dr. Chad Carlton and his team at LoneStar Bariatrics can help you navigate the holidays while maintaining your weight-loss goals. Here are his tips to help get you started.

Focus on the basics

Successful weight loss after bariatric surgery relies on a few simple rules:

Keeping these basic guidelines top of mind will help keep you focused so you can avoid overindulging.

Stick to your schedule

It’s tempting to skip meals in order to save your calories for a bigger payoff, like holiday cookies. However, this is also the easiest way to overdo it when the treats show up. Instead, stick to your regular eating schedule and avoid arriving at parties hungry, which can lead to overeating. 

This applies to your exercise routine, too. Even when things get busy, don’t let your exercise habit fall by the wayside until the holidays end; your waistline will thank you for it.

Practice mindfulness

One of the easiest ways to overindulge is by mixing food and socializing. But you can avoid this common holiday pitfall by focusing on the conversation and saving the snacks for later. Not only does this approach help you fully enjoy the time you spend with family and friends, but it can help you better savor flavors in the food when you eat.

Watch the alcohol

Nothing adds a festive flair to a celebration like alcohol. However, many of these beverages are chock-full of empty calories and can be dehydrating. Plus, bariatric surgery can change how alcohol affects you; consuming less can have a greater impact faster. We recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, and focusing on eating your calories instead of drinking them. This way, you can avoid overindulging on empty calories in drinks or at the buffet table.

Choose healthy options

We know, we know — everyone loves a treat, right? It’s okay to over-indulge a little bit, but there are also easy ways to give your favorite recipes a healthy makeover.

A few examples include:

You can even make healthy substitutions while baking by using two egg whites instead of one egg or evaporated skim milk instead of heavy cream. And, make sure you always have a healthy option at every gathering by making enough to share!

For more support with holiday eating after bariatric surgery, contact one of our convenient locations in Plano or Waxahachie, Texas to schedule an appointment.

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