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Sarah Krawec:

IDr. Carlton and his Staff at LoneStar Bariatrics are LIFE SAVERS! I was originally 267lbs. Tired from working out and never seeing results, defeated from all the fad dieting, and embarrassed about my horrible teen-like acne - I schedule an appointment to see Dr. Carlton and Allison R. ( dietitian). We decided on the Gastric Sleeve. I previous had talked to two other surgeons, but I didn't feel comfortable with them as I do with Dr. Carlton. His energetic personality really makes you think you can accomplish your goals! Surgery was in December 2019. Now 3 months post op I am feeling great, 80 lbs lighter, and I can actually RUN a 5k now instead of just walking! I don't miss on social gatherings, I still eat ( just not nearly as much), and I am still losing ! Since I have more energy and no more medical issues, I have been rock climbing, kayaking, and running 5Ks. I was worried that I would have very loose skin and need skin removal surgery but with my daily work outs my skin is tightening better than expected. Confidence has also been restored enough to start dating again! I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Carlton for a consult. I did not have medical insurance to cover this procedure but it was worth EVERY PENNY!!

Brandi Thomas:

I had Gastric Sleeve surgery on June 25, 2018 with Dr. Carlton. I am almost 5 months post-op and I am down almost 130 pounds, I've lost 28 inches in my waist, 2 shoe sizes and I no longer fear restaurant booths or stadium seating! AND no more Diabetes! This amazing tool has given me my life back! Thanks Dr. Carlton!



Sharon Marbut- 2 weeks post-operative Gastric Sleeve

I am 67 years old and I had gastric sleeve surgery on October 15th. The surgery went great but they didn’t warn me how I would feel right after the surgery. For the first two days I hurt from head to toe. But thankfully it only lasted two days. After that I felt good and tried to stick to my liquid diet. After two and a half weeks I have lost around 10 pounds. I am looking forward to next week when I can start having soft foods. I never thought scrambled eggs and applesauce would sound so good! I am so glad that I had my surgery. I am wearing clothes that I haven’t fit it for years and I weigh less than 200 pounds for the first time in more than 10 years. It feels great. I feel like this was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my health.    - Sharon Marbut

I reached the point of gastric surgery after yet one more prescribed medication for high blood pressure. It brought my total up to 9 pills daily to try to control my blood pressure due to my weight problem. even with the medication my pressure was still high. I travel quite frequently and had trouble walking across the airport without losing my breath and getting excessively sweaty in the process. It was also difficult sitting on a plane in the small seats having to use an extended seat belt. In addition having a young child it was very hard to get around with the excessive weight. I reached my wits end and decided to contact Dr Carlton. In just 6 weeks I've lost 55 lb! I am now exercising daily. I was on the treadmill this morning for 92 minutes walking more than 4 miles on a steep incline! I also lift weights 3 days a week at a gym I haven't done that in 20 years.


Matthew Becker- 5 weeks post-operative gastric sleeve

As of 3 days ago I stopped taking my last blood pressure medication. I went from 9 pills a day to zero in 5 weeks! I wouldn't believe it if I was reading it, as I hope you're reading this testimonial. I've also come off my cholesterol medication within 5 weeks of having gastric sleeve surgery.  My sleep at night has become dramatically improved. Walking across an airport is no longer an issue as a matter of fact I sometimes even skip the escalator. Finally, and most importantly I get to spend more quality time with my young daughter, being able to actually play with her and not just give her fun tasks to do while I watched. I certainly don't look to stop at this point, with the 55 lbs I have already lost, I plan to lose at least another 60lb. I'm now more able to do that being able to exercise everyday and actually somewhat enjoying it. It would have taken me close to a year to have lost 55 lb in the past(and would have probably wound up putting a lot of it back on again anyway). with all these lifestyle changes it makes you want to be healthier, eat healthier, and live a better life. Dr. Carlton is laid-back easy-going and makes you feel secure that he is the person to perform the surgery in a responsible manner. I highly recommend the surgery if you have struggled with weight loss for as many years as I have. Being in the food business for the last 30 years is certainly taking its toll when it comes to controlling my weight. With this surgery, the direction of Dr Carlton, and a new attitude, I feel like I've started a new life.            Matthew Becker


Karla Goleman

My experience with Dr. Carlton and his staff have been a truly amazing experience from start to finish!  I came to Dr. Carlton through the referral of a coworker and from my very first appointment with him he made me feel very good about the process and my decision to go through with the Gastric Sleeve.  Dr. Carlton and his staff answered all the questions that I had before surgery and have been very accessible after surgery as well. My surgical experience has been the best I’ve had out of all surgeries that I’ve had in the past.  Dr. Carlton’s team made sure that I had all post op medications before I even went into surgery and the care that I received pre-op and post op at the Craig Ranch Surgical Center were top notch!

After surgery, I did not experience much pain at all!  The only pain meds that I had were those given at the surgical center and none were needed once I got home.  I am 3 weeks post op and already down 27lbs! I am excited about regaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching my weight loss goals which I know will be a success with Dr. Carlton and his amazing team by my side.  The one piece of advice I can give to those going through this process is to follow the process and know that “head hunger” is a real thing!


Bertha Bledsoe

I had Bariatric surgery July 18, 2018. I have multiple medical problems:COPD, asthma, hypertension, chronic heart failure, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. Before surgery I weighed 248 pounds, took 5 meds for heart and blood pressure twice a day. Since my surgery, I am down 48 pounds in the 3 months and still losing. I previously wore sizes 3X and 22 woman.  I now wear Large and size 16 soon to move to 14. I took 200mg of one medication, down to 25mg and some meds have been discontinued. My BP has been good...glucose wonderful..kidney function is better.



Tommy Warren

The Customer Services I received from Dr. Cartlon and his staff is what I appreciated the most. Leading up to the surgery, the 2 week liquid diet was a little rough, but I survived. Prior to the surgery I was told that I would most likely experience the normal side effects. I followed the Dr's. recommendations and experienced no side effects. In nineteen days, I'm down 27 pounds. We are very pleased with the over all experience, and my wife is in the process of having the same surgery.

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