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Because of the groundbreaking technology behind the InMode® BodyTite™ system, you can dramatically reduce unwanted fat and tighten your skin without undergoing major surgery. At LoneStar Bariatrics you can meet with Chad Carlton, MD, FACS, FASBMS, who provides minimally invasive BodyTite treatments right in the office. Find out if this body sculpting service is right for you by booking a consultation through the website or over the phone today.

Bodytite Q & A

How does BodyTite work? 

BodyTite is the latest and most advanced body contouring platform on the market. The system delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy in a unique way that results in three-dimensional tissue remodeling.


During your treatment, Dr. Carlton injects a local numbing solution and makes a small incision into the targeted area. He inserts one portion of the thin BodyTite probe under your skin, which results in direct radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to liquefy and remove fat. 


At the same time, the unique outer portion of the BodyTite probe delivers radiofrequency energy through the top layers of your skin. Tissues are targeted from the inside and the outside simultaneously. 


Because both underlying fat (adipose) tissue and upper skin tissues receive direct waves of radiofrequency energy, an advanced tissue remodeling process occurs. As stubborn fat melts away, your skin and collagen tighten from the deepest layers, so you experience a highly effective body sculpting treatment like none other. 

Am I a candidate for BodyTite?

As a premier weight loss clinic that specializes in helping patients achieve their body goals, LoneStar Bariatrics proudly offers customized BodyTite treatments for both men and women. This minimally invasive body contouring procedure may be right for you if you:


  • Are generally healthy 
  • Struggle with weight fluctuations
  • Develop sagging, loose, or crepey skin
  • Want to restore your figure after pregnancy
  • Have fatty pockets that seem resistant to diet and exercise


Dr. Carlton can treat any problem areas with BodyTite, including your upper back (bra line), upper arms, knees and thighs, and of course, your midsection. 

When will I see results with BodyTite?

BodyTite results in dramatic skin contraction — up to about 47%. While some results are immediate, you should start noticing a firmer, slimmer, more defined physique in as little as two weeks. Dr. Carlton generally finds that BodyTite patients experience optimal results within about 3-6 months after their treatment.


Plus, because your skin continues to remodel and your body keeps flushing away broken down fat cells, you may continue noticing improvements for up to 12 months. LoneStar Bariatrics is dedicated to ensuring that your BodyTite service helps you reach your body goals. 


Click on the online scheduling tool to book your BodyTite consultation at LoneStar Bariatrics today. You’re also welcome to call to schedule by phone. 

Individual results may vary.